My Wish List: Los Angeles Modern Auctions

As an art consultant, some of my favorite resources are auctions. They are wonderful sources of vintage artworks and typically you end up paying less than at a retail gallery. (Full disclosure: the trade-off is often that the pieces are not in pristine condition or need reframing, at the very least)

I think the best part of an auction, though, is the serendipity of it all. I love to browse an auction catalog, keeping an eye out for my favorite artists or particularly attractive estimates, but mostly just enjoying the surprise of not knowing what kind of artworks will be offered for sale. Stuffed-animal-covered loveseat, anyone?

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is a local company that hosts around four sales a year, focusing on design pieces and artworks with a modern aesthetic. Their selections date from around 1950 through today, and although their estimates are often a bit higher than your average estate auction house, the offerings are expertly curated and generally in very good condition.

As a personal fan of mid-century design and artwork, I usually find myself dog-earing page after page of their sale catalogs. I don’t usually think too much about whether something would be a good buy at this point - my first criteria is always, “do I like it?”

With their end-of-September sale looming, I thought I’d share a few of my wish-list picks from the most recent LAMA catalog with you. Please note that I completely reserve the right to keep the best things secret for myself so you don’t bid against me! Click on the image to see the lot on the LAMA website.

I do bid at auction on behalf of my clients (both private and corporate) as well as myself, but it’s easy to do it yourself, if you’re so inclined. Feel free to reach out with any questions!