Consulting Services


An art gallery can be a daunting place to shop. Why isn't anyone talking to me? What should I be looking for? Can I negotiate? Concerns like these take the fun out of collecting.  

Perhaps you simply lack the time to track down the perfect addition to your collection or aren't sure of the best way to display art in your home or workplace.

California Art Advisory offers thoughtful, specific recommendations to help you create or expand a beautiful collection of significant artwork, regardless of the price point. We tailor our process to your preference, escorting you to galleries and artist studios, or bringing art to your home for your consideration. 

However you prefer to work, we're here to make collecting art  fun - as it should be.

Future Site of Expensive Painting , by Alejandro Diaz, seen at Miami Art Project, 2012

Future Site of Expensive Painting, by Alejandro Diaz, seen at Miami Art Project, 2012